People look out for WhatsApp for News Updates

WhatsApp has been predominantly used for the users to stay connected with their friends and family. It is now not just about sending and receiving unlimited text messages and media files, the app has grown far further than that & we can witness a number of changes which it has brought into the lives of the people.

There was a time when people used to read through the news papers to know about what is happening in the world. And then it was news channels which give instant updates about the things which are happening around the world. Technology has evolved to a great extent and now that there are many apps in whatsapp clone apk available for news updates.

Now, it is the turn for WhatsApp, people have started to look out for this messaging app to know about the news updates. A particular survey showed that 50 percent of the users in Malaysia have used WhatsApp for news once in a week when compared to just 3 percent in the US & 5 percent in the UK.

The report clearly states that the Brexit debate has led to mistrust on UK App like whatsapp news by the people of the country.    Even though WhatsApp is being used by most of the users to discuss the things which are happening around the world, it is said that Facebook still leads the charts when it comes to spreading the news.

WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and we can expect that the in a period of time even the app will take it to the popularity in spreading news which is from authentic sources. One of the important factors which the app has to focus on is that the information which is shared is from genuine and authentic sources.

In the recent times, they have been messages spreading across the users which are not from authentic users. It is evident that the users are taking to this particular app when it comes to discussing from politics to entertainment to almost everything which is relatable to the things which are happening in the world.